Instagram down? Over 100,000 users reported outages


Instagram down? Over 100,000 users reported outages

UPDATE: Instagram confirmed this in a tweet at 8:19 p.m. ET. ET said there was a "short outage" and that the issue that caused it was "resolved." No further details were provided. The original text is as follows.

It's not just about you. Instagram is currently experiencing major outages reported around the world. And there's no indication when it will come back online.

Down Detector, which tracks website downtime, received more than 98,000 Instagram downtime reports in the last 15 minutes. I have confirmed from my own Instagram account that the feed fails to load.

The app would say "Sorry, something went wrong" or just "Sorry, couldn't update the feed" every time it tried to load the user's homepage.

Similar to other social media platforms like Facebook and TikTok, Instagram has become an essential tool for individuals and businesses around the world. Just a few days ago, Instagram experienced another outage, this one that seemed more local.
Interestingly, we have come to rely heavily on social media tools like Instagram to view and share photos from around the world. We take it for granted today, but sending photos across the globe used to be an extremely difficult process. About 100 years ago, you needed a cable that spanned the entire Atlantic Ocean. In the 1940s, the guy would have died for a technology like Instagram.

Gizmodo Australia was the first to report the latest Instagram outage, while Down Detector has around 1,000 outage reports.

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